A Faith-Filled Giveaway to Celebrate My New Blog!

>> Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you know how excited I am about this new blog? Not because it is about ME, but because it is about HIS work in and through ME! I'm praying that as I share a little bit here and there about all that God has done in my life, many will seek Him up close and personal as a result.

So I wanna give some GREAT faith-filled books away to celebrate, okay?

Here's how you win. I've shared an overview of my testimony, which is the background story for this blog's theme. If you'll click on it, right here:
A Patch From My Past, then leave me a comment on that post by January 21st, I will enter you in a random drawing to win one of FOUR books. That's right, I'll have FOUR winners total!

Here's the books (book cover photo and description courtesy of

An Untroubled Heart
by Micca Campbell

Product Description
Micca Campbell knows all too well the unpredictable nature of life. As the 21-year-old mother of an infant son, her world was shattered when she lost her husband to a tragic accident. Reeling from her loss, Micca feared for her future, and struggled to overcome her aching loneliness. Yet in her darkest moment, she discovered God's remedy for our deepest fears. Micca presents a woman's guide for living a carefree, worry-free life. She explores the anxieties of every woman's heart from insecurities, to finances, to marital challenges, to raising healthy children.

With her distinctive southern flair and casual humor, Micca shares remarkable insights for finding freedom from fear. You'll be encouraged to lay down your worries, trust in your Heavenly Father, and embrace a life marked by peace and joy. Bible Study Questions at the end of each chapter.

Belief Matters
by Pete Briscoe (autographed)

Product Description
Millions of Christians have never built a foundation of Bible knowledge. They’re left with vague ideas of what they believe, why they believe, and how to articulate those beliefs. Pete Briscoe presents an innovative way to make theology memorable, meaningful, and relevant.

Briscoe divides the Apostles Creed into 16 key phrases and uses a clever M.A.P.S. system (Meditate, Apply, Plot, and Speak) to explain each point and to help readers:

~Identify key Bible passages that support their beliefs
~Explain every major theological aspect of their faith
~Discuss the significance of their faith with those who believe differently
~Explore the wonders of Christianity by experiencing the reality of God and Jesus
~Examine theology without intimidation and with confidence.

Readers will discover how greatly belief matters: belief is real, belief is influential, and belief is life–changing. Ideal for churches, groups, and individuals ready for an awakening.

Lies Women Believe
by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Product Description
Satan is the master deceiver, and his lies are endless. Are you burned out, overwhelmed, angry, confused or fearful? According to Nancy Leigh DeMoss, these emotions are the result of Satan's lies. Nancy tackles many of the falsehoods that enslave Christian women with alarming frequency and severity. Though she does not promise their problems will go away, she confronts the lies with practical truths found in Scripture that will help women begin to "walk through the realities of life in freedom and true joy."


The Mom I Want To Be
by T. Suzanne Eller

Product Description
A woman’s experience as a mother is influenced by the mothering she received as a child. If neglect was a part of that upbringing, the woman who holds a newborn and faces the responsibility of parenting needs a healthy vision of motherhood.

T. Suzanne Eller compassionately discusses how a woman can turn from a painful past and embrace a godly example of motherhood. She shares

~how shattered legacies can be put back together
~the path to restoring the broken image of motherhood
~ways to let go and embrace a new story.

This is a celebration of God’s healing power and how all women can become the mom they want to be.

Are you as excited as I am? I have read and benefitted from each of these books, and they all apply in some way or another to my life's story. If you have a book preference, certainly let me know, but I can't guarantee you will win it. If I have enough responses, I could do 4 separate drawings. If not, I'll draw from one hat.

Please share this with your friends. I really hope that as more people read
"A Patch from My Past," the Lord's glory and grace will shine through His testimony in me!


lori January 7, 2010 at 11:48 AM  

Look at YOU! Love this new look and blog! But then again...I just love you! Here's to HIM in our lives in 2010..doing, sharing, believing and being..ALL for Him!!

love you girl!

peace! and HUGS!

Suzanne Eller (Suzie) January 8, 2010 at 9:37 AM  

Yay for your new venture, Laura Lee. Thank you for including my book. I pray that whoever receives it will be blessed by your generous heart.

Amydeanne January 20, 2010 at 10:41 AM  

oh they all look good! The mom I want to be is the one that looks most relevant to me right now!
great draw!

Sheryl January 20, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

Love your blog. Hope I'm not to late to enter your giveaway.


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